Hohm Life 18650 3077mah - 2 Pack


The Hohm Tech Hohm Life 18650 3077mah Cell is the 'GO' All Day battery. Designed for those that wish to feed insanely power hungry devices without having to swap batteries every other minute. These are rated by Indonesia Chemistry at 3077mah, with a pulse and burst rate of 36.3A, and a CDR rating of 20.7A within normal operation temperatures. Battery venting and safety was top priority. To elaborate: 1) modified cathode tag consisting of high purity aluminum, 2) updated poly seal with refined bitumen, 3) enhanced PTC ring (enhanced PTC ring has a greater multiplier of resistance switch for safety).

  • Battery capacity: 3077mah
  • Nominal voltage: 3.7V
  • Pulse and peak: 36.3A
  • Max continuous discharge current: 20.7A
  • 30.2A @ 80 degree cut-off
  • Can be charged at a tested/proven 4.25A rating