Prince Mesh Coils


Prince Mesh replacement coils in a pack of 3 for the Prince Tank.

The Prince Mesh coils consist of mesh coils for a greater surface area than regular coils. A recommended use of 40W-80W and a best use of 60W-70W.
Also available 90-110W Prince Max Mesh Coils, 100-120W Prince Triple Mesh Coils, 60-70W Prince X2 Clapton Coils, 60W-100W TFV12 Prince-X6 Coils, 80-90W Prince Strip Coils, 60W-80W TFV12 Prince Q4 Coils, 40W-60W TFV12 Prince M4 Coils specifically for Stick Prince, 65W-75W TFV12 Prince Dual Mesh Coils and 60W-120W TFV12 Prince-T10 Coils.